Bachelor Talk

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Once featured on a Channel 8 programme, this stunning bachelor’s pad by TAIMS is definitely out to impress.


This living room is the perfect balance of function and sophistication.

Modishly luxurious with a sensuous palette, this bachelor’s pad – a condominium located at Sixth Avenue – has the word “sexy” written all over it. Since it’s important to match the décor with the homeowner, who is clearly a stylish man about town, interior designer gave it an effortless look that impresses both men and women with its elegant ambience. In fact, this home even appeared on a Channel 8 programme called “Pillow Talk”.

The living room, for example, is a symphony of clean lines and designer furnishings. Functionality is still the key for a bachelor’s pad, so the decoration is mainly kept to little touches of ornaments to keep the space tastefully decorated.

Converted from the unit’s home shelter, this walk-in shoe display showcases the homeowner’s many shoes to stunning effect.

Even the walk-in shoe display (converted from the condominium’s home shelter) is an urbane display of the numerous shoes that the homeowner has, just like an upscale boutique.


Fuss-free and stylish, the open-concept kitchen’s design is anchored by the graphical presence of the island counter. Over at the open-concept kitchen, a custom-made island counter demarcates the space with a graphical presence. Here, mirrors are used in the décor to expand the space visually. According to the interior designer, no walls were removed as this is a new condominium so they wanted to minimise heavy work.


WHERE: Singapore, Sixth Avenu
WHO LIVES HERE: Bachelor, a banker
FLOOR AREA: 1400 sqft
BUDGET: $50k
PROPERTY TYPE: Condominium
DESIGNER: Jael Ang from Taims Interior Pte Ltd
Tel: 6448 4886