Apartment in Nicosia

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Simplicity is the way to go if you want to show off your collection of artwork in your home.


When it comes to showcasing your extensive collection of art, it’s vital to keep the interior design clean and simple like this ground floor apartment. Located in the metropolitan city of Nicosia, this airy home creates a pleasant interior ambience through the artful use of lighting and design qualities. With the addition of unfussy furnishings, it enables the various art pieces to stand out even more.

If you’re more of an avid reader, then you might like the wall-to-wall bookcase in the study room. It’s more than just a storage option for books; it’s also a stunning piece that adds character to the space. In the meantime, the courtyard just beyond the glass doors provides natural lighting and much-needed ventilation.


Built from wall to wall, the bookcase fills up an entire stretch of blank wall and adds a sense of permanence to the room.

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White walls create the illusion of spaciousness for interior while simple furnishings streamline the unnecessary to reduce clutter.

For an art and book lover, this gorgeous apartment is truly a paradise on earth.

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